Frequently Asked Questions

Below You Find The Answers To The Questions We Get Asked The Most About Applying For School Management Software.

Blackboard edutech provide every solution that is getting after developed and used by students, teachers, parents and owner of the school our software provides accurate information about exam schedule, attendance teachers details with subjects, fees details, course
In any education institution where there is a need for proper management, the blackboard is the best to use there. The blackboard edutech software is suitable for small, medium-sized, and large schools.
The robust and most scalable school management software includes advanced features. It is designed and developed with countless years of research. The software is easy to customize and equipped with several modules. User-friendly interface that makes it easy to use our software.
Yes, clients’ data will remain 100% secure and confidential in blackboard software. The software is inbuilt with daily data back-up facility, which can be retrieved by our clients securely.
We offer support services round-the-clock. You only need to raise your concern over the phone or email. Our support team will contact and resolve your problems as earliest as possible.
Yes. Whenever the system generates the report, it gives an option to the user to convert it into Excel format.
No. We always believe in making a long-term relationship with our customers therefore never hide any details from them. Our professionals will tell in detail the total cost of software, what all it includes and about annual maintenance charges.
Of course, Yes. Our professionals will provide complete training about all the software features, how to use it, etc. The training can be arranged over the phone or in-person also, as per clients’ need
As long as you want! You only need to renew the contract every year and can use it for an indefinite period.
Well, it never happens in so many years. We have a sound record of satisfied clients.
Enter the mobile number which you have provided in the school you will receive an OTP on that number after entering OTP you get login easily
Yes you will get the print out of your result in our prepared format
Yes you will after submitting your fees in our prescribed format only
For that if you are a part of any school you can contact them they will change your mobile number very easily but with one condition, suppose you are a father and trying to change your number, if the new number which you are providing is already registered as a mother then it is not possible
Yes you will if the teacher uploaded or provided any homework
Yes you will get every notification provided. If school has uploaded and you have instaled our app on your mobile and given all the required permissions for notification.
You can upload your data in two ways either you will enter manually each record one by one or you can bulk upload through the excel, for which you have to download our excel format and fill data and upload the same file.
Yes we have option for discount where you have to predefine all your discount at one place and you can apply then while taking the fees
Blackboard is a web and mobile based school management ERP. It allows various users (like account’s department, admin department, students, teachers, fees management etc.) to manage their daily functions, events and Evaluation. It gives a platform to establish a one to one communication between parents and school.
Blackboard helps in running an institute or a chain of institutes in effective, efficient, connected and secured way through cloud. There are many time consuming & error prone tasks like monthly fees, exam results or timetable and with the help of blackboard you can do that with minimum efforts with 100% accuracy.
The data is encrypted and is completely secure. If you allowed for managed server, we will take full responsibility of data security and backup. In case you are hosting it on other server, our experts will guide you about the security measures and with just a little extra effort you can ensure 100% security yourself.
It’s all depend upon the data of any institute it will take less time if the data is properly organized with school otherwise it will take more time if the data is proper i will hardly take 2 to 3 hrs. only.
Our application is designed in such a way that any normal persons can handle it easily. Without any one support, you can use blackboard app.