Mobile Application For School Management

Blackboard School Management Application is now digital with an advanced technology solution in your hand a blackboard school management mobile app. Looking at the advanced current technology and busy schedule of the parent, blackboard schools management mobile app came with all the latest to latest communication-related features on your mobile. Our application keeps students updates to parents all-time with the latest news, attendance, performance, work, fees, classwork, and many more about school stuff. Blackboard mobile app is fast and very easy to use our app saves time that is most valuable in current days and also provides instant output.


Owner can now Know about teacher's and staff's attendance now view entry and exit time also get a reason for any time change.


Owner can Keep a track of all the vehicles in Institute can Know the location of all Vehicles.


Know Schedule of any teacher or class on your fingertips in case of any changes in a schedule change it from your app itself.


Get list of all the teachers of the institute know their Schedule, Attendence, Profile just by selecting any teacher.


Get list of all the students of the institute know their Result, Attendance , Profile just by selecting any Student of any Class.


Get list of all Classes of the institute Know their Schedule, Result, Attendence, Homework just by selecting any Class.